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The Prize

"Senza titolo" di Mario Schifano.

  • Serigrafia polimaterica
  • Dimensioni: 100x100 cm
  • Tiratura: p.s. - Edizioni studio 3 Urbino

Opera firmata a matita dall’artista in basso a destra

Mario Schifano è stato un artista, pittore e regista italiano. Insieme a Franco Angeli e Tano Festa rappresentò un punto fondamentale della Pop Art italiana ed europea.

Perfettamente inserito nel panorama culturale internazionale degli anni sessanta, era reputato un artista prolifico, esuberante ed amante della mondanità. Appassionato studioso di nuove tecniche pittoriche, fu tra i primi ad usare il computer per creare opere e riuscì a elaborare immagini dal computer e riportarle su tele emulsionate (le "tele computerizzate").

The Cause

The mission at the heart of Theodora is to contribute to the wellbeing of children in hospitals, hospices and specialist care centers by providing visits from professional performers who have been trained to work in a medical environment.

At the Theodora Children’s Charity, we believe that laughter is the best medicine. Our Giggle Doctors visit children in hospitals, hospices and specialist care centers across England. By combining music, play, magic and storytelling these professional performers bring magical moments to brave children in challenging times. We believe that EVERY sick or disabled child should get the giggles that only a Giggle Doctor can bring.

Our Giggle Doctors are professional performers, highly trained to work both in the medical environment and with children with disabilities. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring with them a variety of skills (among our team are actors, entertainers, magicians, musicians and singers). The training consists of a rigorous schedule of artistic and medical workshops, which cover topics such as child development, infection control, child bereavement and the impact of illness and bereavement on families.

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