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The Prize

Become a Top Gun in Air Combat Mission! No experience is required, but be prepared to show everyone what you’ve got.

This experience held in Mesa, Arizona includes five air combat engagements, aircraft handling and G exercises, formation Battle Break to full-stop landing, in-flight video and hero photo with training certificate.

You will receive an air combat tactics manual to review prior to your adventure. Greeted by friendly staff you will select a leather call-sign and get suited up in your flight gear.

Fully briefed, you and your fighter pilot instructor will step to the aircraft to get strapped in for the mission. You will start with a formation take-off to the training area where you’ll warm-up with advanced handling, weapons usage and basic aerobatic maneuvers. Then it’s combat time as you fly 5 g-pulling air combat engagements in a profile utilizing offensive and defensive tactics. The flight culminates with a thrilling three-dimensional smoke chase. An exciting formation high-speed low-altitude pass down the runway marks your arrival to base and impresses family and friends. The mission is debriefed by recreating your tactical flight using the multiple-view video and in-flight notes evaluating shots and tactics.

Your Top Gun Experience includes:

  • 1 fighter pilot mission experience for 1 person on the Extra 300L Aerobatic Aircraft, including briefing on the Rules of Engagement, the physiological effects of G-forces, practice with formation flying, basic maneuvers, 5 air combat engagements, and debriefing afterwards
  • An inflight video

The Cause

Established in 2015 as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Stop Poaching Now is dedicated to wildlife conservation and environmental education, carrying out its core mission in two ways: By supporting community-based wildlife conservation efforts in Africa and Asia. And by providing science-based environmental education programs to schools around the world.

Additional Details

  • Total number of people: 1.
  • Experience may not be resold or re-auctioned.
  • Cannot be transferred.
  • To be scheduled at a mutually agreeable date.
  • Blackout dates may apply.
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