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The Prize

Great opportunity to own a unique portrait polaroid print of NFL Superstar.

Brady was photographed on the legendary Polaroid 20x24 camera by acclaimed photographer Walter Ioos Jr for the official Superbowl Opus project. Ioos photographed Brady as part of the project for the very first time! The legendary six-foot tall camera (one of only five ever made) ready for action within two hours. Andy Warhol and Chuck Close are amongst other artists that have chosen to use this camera built in the 1970’s. Chocolate’ is Polaroid’s official name for the film Ioos used, traditionally known as ‘sepia’ in the UK.

This special portrait print itself measures 20x24 inches each and delivers the greatest detail that rivals the best digital camera today. The stunning image captured were stunning and unlike any others of Tom Brady previously. These special one off polaroid portrait has been also signed also.

This auction lot also include a copy if the limited edition photography book 'ICONS' by Zenon Texeira, published by Opus, signed by Zenon.

Conditions: The auction winner will be notified by email and will receive the item within 20 working days. For any further questions, please e-mail enquiries@charitystars.com or call us at +44 203 301 5800.

The Cause

For 50 years, Terre des Hommes has been at the forefront of protecting children all over the world from violence, abuse and exploitation; and has been working to ensure every child has access to school, informal education, medical care and food.

The organization is currently present in 69 countries, with almost 1,046 projects that support children and their families.

Terre des Hommes Italy is part of the Terre des Hommes International Federation, working in partnership with ECHO, and it is recognized by international institutions such as the European Union, United Nations, USAID and Italian Foreign Ministry.

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