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The Prize

Have you ever wanted to catch a touchdown pass from a National Champion? Now is your chance! 

Who: NFL Pro Bowler Deshaun Watson

What: Donor will catch a pass from Deshaun, have the play photographed and receive a signed print of the play. Donor (1) will get to take home the photograph, size 16x20, medium-Kodak, not framed, signed in blue sharpie, in a cardboard or plastic tube, to facilitate a safe transfer to their home.

Where: On an outdoor football field in Texas - FIELD: To Be Determined. In case of inclement weather, a backup indoor field will be reserved as well.

When: Spring 2021 (March, April, May) the exact date will be emailed to the donors within 3 days or 72 hours, after the Super Bowl. The event day will fall on a weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. The event will take place in the afternoon between 1 and 6 PM. Granular details to follow from the concierge when date is announced in February 2021.

Provisions: Communal ballpark style food will be provided at NO COST to the donors. E.g. BBQ, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will also be provided.

Additional Information: Each donor who wins will participate in the play, receive their signed photo, and additionally will get to bring (1) guest, who will not catch a pass but, may watch or photograph the play on their own electronic device.

Restrictions: No outside items are allowed to be brought in to be signed. The only item that will be signed is the photo of the play.

The Cause

The mission of LBX (Lead By Example) is to impact the youth of New York City through sports and recreation programs, which will enhance self-esteem, cultivate leaders, and break down social cultural barriers that may exist among our youth.​

Our goal is to serve as many children as possible. Our motto will always be, "Money should never be a reason a kid can’t play or participate”.

Additional Details

  • Travel and accommodation not included.
  • The winner may take a photo.
  • We expect all winning bidders and guests to conduct themselves appropriately and be polite and respectful at all times.
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