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The Simpsons original script, "I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot" episode.

Take home this original script from The Simpsons, used in the making of the "I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot" episode. 

Season: 15 Episode: 9
Script: Dan Greaney and Allen Glazier
Directed by: Lauren MacMullan
First broadcast: January 11, 2004

While riding bikes with Milhouse, Bart realizes his bike is horrible. He smashes it with Dr. Hibbert's hummer car in order to get a new one. When he and Homer go buy a new one, they realize it needs to be built first. Homer builds it, but when Bart starts riding it, it comes apart. Feeling miserable, Bart tells Homer he can't build anything. Homer tries to prove him wrong by building a robot, but it too falls apart. He remembers something Grandpa said: "If you can't build a robot, be a robot." He then dresses up like robot and Bart enters him, not knowing it's Homer, in the Robot Rumble contest. Homer gets hurt badly during each match, but he takes the pain for his son's love. When it comes to the final match, Chief Knock-A-Homer has to face a giant robot built by Professor Frink; the robot gets smashed and Homer comes out. Frink's robot doesn't smash him because it is programmed not to harm humans. Homer is disqualified for being a human impersonating a robot, however Bart still appreciates what his father did for him.

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