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The Prize

This table is a tribute to Taranto's maritime activity, the city where the designer Giuliano Ricciardi comes from and lives. The inspiration behind this table, and its name, comes from the structure of the boats seen in Taranto. Every part of the item has a specific use: nine wooden pieces support the glass plate and are joined to the central beam. The latter is based on two trestles similar to those used to restore boats in a dry dock. 

RRP: €3,750 (plus VAT)

This table has been made by Giuliano Ricciardi, Founder & Senior Designer of d-Lab Studio, a laboratory of ideas for interior and product design. In November 2012 it was awarded the “Tavolo Chiglia” project. The following year, he exhibited Tavolo Chiglia atJuice, a Fuorisalone event during the Milan Design Week 2013, alongside designers such as Sam Baron, Nigel Coates and Zaven.


CharityStars has partnered with IDA Design to bring you this incredible auction. A minimum of 10% of the final auction proceeds will support Missione Sogni Onlus

Conditions: The auction winner will be notified via email. The cost of delivery is the responsibility of the auction winner. This cost will be communicated to the winner after the auction has closed and will depend on the winner's location. For more information, please email enquiries@charitystars.com or ring us on 0203 301 5800.

The Cause

Missione Sogni Onlus is a non-profit committee that has been active throughout Italy since 2003. Its mission is to help children aged 5-15 affected by serious illness and disabilities make their dreams come true.

A seriously ill or disabled child lives quite a different reality from his/her peers. Their lives are made up of isolation, loneliness, fear and pain. The illness prevents that child from living a typical, carefree lifestyle, made up of school, playtime, family vacations and spending simple family time together.

Making their dreams come true gives young patients the chance to escape reality and get help in confronting their illnesses and treatments, as well as renew their enthusiasm for life.

Besides making their dreams come true, since May 2011 Missione Sogni has decided to provide these young children with gardens inside some of Milan’s most renowned hospitals. These gardens teach children how to grow plants and learn healthy eating habits. It offers them the opportunity to leave their ward and stay outdoors in the company of other children.

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