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The Prize

"The Cal": the Pirelli 2000 Calendar.

This auction is for a limited edition 2000 Pirelli Calendar: it is not available to buy and is given only to a limited number of important Pirelli customers and VIPs. For this reason, it is a precious heirloom featuring images of a certain charm.

The calendar is an original and is in excellent condition.

Annie Leibovitz was the photographer for this edition, the third woman photographer of a Pirelli calendar. 

Leibovitz took her photos in New York. There, she decided that the most glamorous and sexy calendar in the world would be based around the natural beauty of the woman, represented in 12 classic portraits. They are reminiscent of the works of famous painters such as Rubens Botticelli. 

The photos are cool and elegant. The images, almost always without a head, are like the bodies of statues and sculptures. "Look at the woman in the traditional way", as she says. Leibovitz reaches her stylistic perfection in the image of the Olympic athlete Jacqui Agyepong, that looks like a bust of Riace. 

The Cause

Associazione Veronica Sacchi Onlus (AVS) is an independent association for the promotion of youth activities and training of volunteer groups. AVS trains young volunteers in clowntherapy, proper hygiene and hospital procedures. AVS' professional Clown Doctors perform in all the major children’s hospitals in the Lombardy region and some general hospitals. They interact positively with patients throughout all wards, including Intensive Care, the Burn Unit, Oncology and the ER.

AVS programs are also established in institutes for people with disabilities, hospices and prisons, where fun and laughter are shared with the whole prison community – prisoners, families and staff.

Over the past five years, AVS volunteer clowns have been entertaining and making little patients laugh at numerous hospitals and other institutions all around the world. From the children of gypsy camps in Albania, to favelas in Argentina, low caste dalits (“untouchables") villages in India, the Kiev Children’s Cancer Hospital (Ukraine), the urban slums in Nairobi (Kenya), a Romanian orphanage, and all the places where a big red nose can bring smiles.

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  • In condition as donated.
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