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The Prize

The Author's Vest "Pinocchio Circus" by Patrizia Grieco.


  • Year: 2018
  • Velvet waistcoat made in England and sewn in the Citro Rosa tailoring atelier on a design by Patrizia Grieco.
  • The waistcoat is Unisex, the pattern of the woven image is taken from a watercolour by the artist.
  • It dresses UK size 12 to 16, was exhibited in the Vesevi rooms in Naples in 2018.
  • Unique piece
  • Measures: chest lap 96 cm, waist and hips lap. H. cm 53

About the work:

The desire that a work is not only in museums, has given rise to the idea that an item of clothing is a way to talk to those who wish to be part of the work. Unique piece.

About the artist:

Patrizia Grieco is a contemporary sculptor living and working between Italy and France. She has collaborated with Simeoni, Lista and Duriez. In 2011 she founded the Ventiditalia group, together with other artists and the curator Nino Altilio. Since 2012 she has exhibited in Berlin, Sanremo, the Venice and Genoa Biennials, Naples, Zunyi (China), Fukuoka (Japan) and at the ancient De Martino furnaces with two exhibitions and performances: La Nostra Storia and Gabbie.

The Cause

Autism is an alteration of the normal developmental processes, which leads to a linguistic, cognitive, social deficit and an impairment of the adaptation and game play skills. Children suffering from this disease lag increasingly behind their peers during their growth process. The cause is unknown but there are several evidences of neurological anomalies in some areas of the brain.

Autism Aid Onlus was founded in 2004 on the initiative of the autistic children’s parents who had acquired a long-time experience in the US. The non-profit Association’s solely purpose is to pursue the social solidarity by defending the rights and equal opportunities of people suffering from ASD.

The Association is committed in several fields, among which:

  • Work training courses implemented by horticulture and cooking labs, with the aim of acquiring specific skills and know-how to support people’s autonomy and spread the social skills.
  • Natation and track-and-field sports training courses held in several sports facilities and developed through individualised paths based on the attitudes of each athlete. This gives people the opportunity to experiment and prove themselves in several recreational and sports activities.
  • Continuing training courses destined to the school and educational services professionals in order to ensure the autistic students an adequate involvement in the scholastic activities, that is the first “step” for their social integration.

Additional Details

  • In condition as donated.
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