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The Prize

The first in its kind to honour the international megastar and iconic musician, Prince, the 21 Nights Opus offers a unique insight into the lifestyle of a legendary performer.

Featuring hundreds of beautiful images displayed on an epic scale including a range of stunning gatefolds, The 21 Nights Opus explores Prince’s intimate world during his monumental reign at the O2 Arena in London, 2007. 

Accompanied by Prince’s personal lyrics and poetry, these unique images were shot by renowned photographer Randee St. Nicholas, who captured the essence and intimacy of a memorable tour.

Comes with an exclusive iPod touch, only available to those few lucky enough to own The Official Prince Opus.

Restricting this unique content to just 950 units worldwide makes this fantastic added feature of the Prince Opus even more mouth-watering and collectible.

Loaded onto the iPod is a 40-minute movie made by Prince of his 21 Nights at the O2 Arena. This unique footage is not available anywhere else and re-visits the summer of funky nights back in 2007.

A live soundtrack from Indigo Nights is also pre-loaded onto the iPod.

Girls and Boys
Song of the Heart
Just Like U (monologue)
Beggin’ Woman Blues
Rock Steady featuring Beverly Knight
Whole Lotta Love
Alphabet Street
Indigo Nights
Misty Blue featuring Shelby J.
Baby Love featuring Shelby J.
The One
All the Critics Love U in London


Edition: Strictly limited to 950 copies worldwide

Author: Prince

Size: Over 200 pages, each measuring 13" x 20"
An epic 17kg

Content: A fascinating photographic essay of Prince's 21 nights tour, captured by Randee St. Nicholas

Presentation: The leather bound Opus arrives in a velvet covered case

The Cause

We are a charity that supports vulnerable, homeless, marginalised people and Veterans. We help them transform their lives, providing accommodation and helping them gain the skills, confidence and opportunities to live their lives independently.

We are driven by a passion to care for those that are overlooked, neglected, abandoned and made vulnerable by society, in a way that does not judge but rather offers hope and practical care for those who need it most.

Alabaré believes that if we work together, we can achieve our vision of a society where everyone has the opportunity to live a fulfilling life. Alabaré supports rough sleepers, young parents and their babies, vulnerable women, adults with addictions, mental ill-health, and learning difficulties, young people leaving the care system, and Veterans.  Each year Alabaré supports around 2,000 people by providing a safe home and support through 90 Homes and Services in the South West, South and throughout Wales.

Alabaré is the largest provider of homes for Veterans outside of London, with 23 homes in eleven areas in the South, South West, and Wales. Alabaré must raise £815,000 to support the vulnerable and homeless Veterans gain the skills, opportunities and confidence to live transformed lives outside of the military community.

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