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The Prize

"Spiritual balance in his garden" by Min Suh Jeong (2013).

Korean contemporary artist, Suh Jeong Min uses timeless geometric structures whilst at the same time attempting to create an distinctive aesthetic that combines cultural references with unusual formal techniques.

Suh Jeong Min's sculptural works are made from a traditional Korean material called hanji, produced using the inner bark of Mulberry trees. The material is made into laminated sheets that are then pressed in order to compact the wood fibers - producing an end product that is extremely strong and durable. Each sheet is then glued and pressed to “return the paper to its original characteristics”. Suh Jeong Min creates rolls of hanjii paper that are cut into the shapes he is looking for and then glued to the frame.

By combining two-dimensional painting with three-dimensional sculpture, Suh merges the figure with the ground and from a form comes an image. This union does not feel forced but natural because the artist remains true to the nature of the material used.

  • Medium: Hanji paper on wooden frame
  • Dimensions: 150x150cm

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The Cause

The Cyclades Preservation Fund supports efforts by conservationists and local fishermen to restore abundance to the seas of the Greek Cyclades Islands by creating a network of marine protected areas. It supports the conservation of the unique, local biodiversity and helps reducing the dangerous marine litter by promoting a #plasticfreecyclades movement across the islands.

The Cycladic islands have an incredible opportunity to evolve in a positive way and preserve their unique history, culture, traditions and environmental heritage while maintaining themselves as a global touristic destination. They strongly believe that supporting local resources can make a strong positive impact and bring about serious long-lasting change!

There is so much to do, and fortunately, there are some very dynamic individuals and bodies on the ground trying to do it all. The Cyclades Preservation Fund is here to support them.

Funds are dedicated to supporting the most effective preservation projects and campaigns, carried out by organizations, experts and associations who are working to protect and restore the natural environment of our loving Cycladic islands and trying to influence the locals and the visitors to be more respectful of the environment.

The Cyclades Preservation Fund is a registered Charity established in October 2017 in the UK to support sustainable initiatives and to promote the preservation of the exceptional beauty and natural value of the Cyclades. The cornerstone of our mission is the empowerment of local communities, backed up by investment in the local environment.


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