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The Prize

Three-dimensional work of art by Alessandro Padovan

Technique: Acrylic on 1,500 self-tapping bronzed screws. (Screw Art) 
Dimensions: h 60 x l 60 x d 9 cm 

This is a 3-D skull created with 1,500 screws and painted fluorescent yellow. Once the fluorescent color is charged with light, it glows in the dark, as illustrated in the last photograph of the gallery.

Alessandro Padovan (born in 1983) is a self-taught artist who graduated with a Mechanical Technician degree. He began his art career in 2012 as part of a duo by the name of Drill Monkeys Art Duo and then continued solo starting in January 2017. He uses an alternative technique: self-tapping screws and acrylic paint on a panel.

The work's intention is to break the customary boundary that separates painting from sculpture. The screws, inserted to varying degrees, give three-dimensionality to his works and have become the main medium through which his subjects take form.

This Screw Art technique is not well known, but in the last 5 years Alessandro has managed to display his works in galleries, auction houses, and art fairs in Italy and abroad, and at important benefit gala events.

The originality of this work is obviously the technique and the three-dimensional effect obtained by screwing in common screws to varying depths and then painting on the screws to transform them into a contemporary sculpture/painting and work of art.

The Cause

ASSOCIAZIONE BIANCA GARAVAGLIA (ABG) was founded on April 28, 1987 and named after Bianca, a girl who at the age of 5 contracted a rare form of neoplasia. It was Bianca who, during the months spent at the Istituto Tumori di Milano, drew the green and fuchsia flower that immediately became synonymous with hope and the symbol of the association.

ABG was established by Bianca’s parents. Fully aware of the many difficulties faced when dealing with infantile tumors, they firmly believed that immediate and direct support to existing facilities was necessary.

ABG's goal is to collect funds to promote scientific studies and medical treatment in the field of infantile tumors, as well as to provide first-hand operational support to all related initiatives.

The association has been operating for over 25 years now, supporting the “Struttura Complessa di Pediatria” (Pediatric Complex Unit) of the “IRCCS Istituto Nazionale Tumori di Milano” Foundation, one of the major research and treatment centers in the field of infantile tumors, where small patients from all over Italy converge.

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