Simone M.Cyla "James Dean" digital painting - 30x40 cm

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This artwork is a digital painting of 2012. It's printed on high quality photographic paper and is in excellent conditions. The dimensions are 30x40 cm. Limited edition to 10 pieces. Signed and numbered on the back.

Born in 1978, Simone Morana aka Cyla is a digital italian artist. He began his artistic career in 1996 as a musician and songwriter, composing until 2005, over 50 self-produced songs inserted in 4 album, also dealing with the implementation of its music videos. Since 2012 he has been working as a designer for the american portal Society6 and began his approach to modern and contemporary art through digital painting and photo manipulation, creating numerous paintings. In 2015 he exhibited for the first time his works in galleries in some Italian cities including Florence, Brescia, Parma and Mantua, during group exhibitions.

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The artwork has no frame.

This auction has been made available by the artist to support Onlus Mariana.

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