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Signed by seven-time Best Reggae Album Grammy Winner Ziggy Marley, this custom, hand-crafted guitar features a two piece body, Telecaster style, with an alder back and curly maple veneer, maple neck with ebony fret board, Seymour Duncan “Hot for Tele” bridge and neck pick ups, and vintage Fender tuners. The finish has 14 coats of lacquer, wet sanded and buffed.

As the oldest son of reggae legend Bob Marley, singer and songwriter Ziggy Marley has made a name for himself as one of the genre's leading artists. Ziggy and his siblings formed the Melody Makers in 1981 after their father's death. Their 1988 album, Conscious Party, won a Grammy and helped the group break through to mainstream audiences. Marley began a solo career in 2006 and has recorded several more Grammy Award-winning albums, including his self-titled 2016 studio effort.

This package includes a Road Runner Boulevard Series Electric Guitar Gig Bag, plus three 8 x 10" and three 5 x 7" photos of Ziggy Marley with the guitar before the signing, and during. Digital copies of the photos will also be emailed to the winner.

The Cause

Ovation Music Fund 501(c)(3) provided low income children under 18 with music scholarships so they could attend any approved after-school music program in the US.

Ovation worked with over 120 music schools in 27 states, helping children receive a premiere music education experience. Ovation also created groundbreaking educational programs which expanded children’s knowledge and understanding of the world at large, through music collaborations with partners like Carnegie Hall, and the Casterbridge Music Development Academy in South Africa. These musical exchange programs provided students with life-changing experiences working with mentors and students from other cultures and communities.

Funds raised will help Ovation complete its mission of providing services that help children receive music scholarships.

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