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The Prize

Sure to grace the wall of one of Thunder’s greatest fans, all of the band have graciously come together to personally donate this unique item specially made for Heavy Metal Truants, a gloriously mounted gold presentation vinyl of 2017’s rapturously received Rip It Up album—signed by Danny Bowes, Luke Morley, Ben Matthews, Chris Childs, and Harry James.

The presentation vinyl comes with a real treat—a signed Tanglewood acoustic guitar played and personally donated by Luke Morley himself. This guitar followed him for countless hours and has been played extensively during the recording of Rip It Up. This is no ordinary lot, and we’re guessing no ordinary Thunder fan will scoop it up!

The Cause

The Heavy Metal Truants is a charity cycling group co-founded by Metal Hammer’s former editor-in-chief, Alexander Milas, and Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood to equally benefit three charities: Childline, Nordoff Robbins and Teenage Cancer Trust. To date, it has raised £338,000.

Now in its fifth year, the cycle ride consists of an annual, three-day, 164-mile pedal from London to the Download Festival, and it’s open to fans, bands, and industry types alike. A component of these fundraising efforts is the annual Monster Rock Auction, featuring rare memorabilia generously donated by the great and good of the rock and metal industry.

"The Heavy Metal Truants are an extraordinary group of people," says Alexander Milas, "but what's really remarkable is just how supportive the greater musical community has been with such generous and unique donations. We hope you’ll enjoy, bid generously, and please keep checking back as we’ll be adding more in the coming weeks!”

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