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The blouse worn by Dolcenera for her Il Mio Amore Unico music video, with an autograph from the artist!

This blouse was worn by the singer during the videoshoot for her official video shot in Verona in 2009.

The song, performed at the Sanremo Festival in 2009 and available for digital download and airplay since februrary 18, it was the first single from her album Dolcenera nel Paese delle Meraviglie.

The song was part of the soundtrack of the Federico Moccia film, Amore 14.



Terms: the winner of the auction will be notified via email and receive the item directly from Paolo Simoncelli, in Valdchiana Sunday August 31st, at the end of the Music Art & Fashion event (transportation, hotel and other expenses are responsible to the winner). In case the winner is unable to make it to the event, the item will be shipped within 7 business days of that date.

Questions? Write to info@charitystars.com or call 02 49762138. 


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The Cause

Fondazione Marco Simoncelli is a nonprofit organization for social purposes: its goals are exclusively humanistic and moral. It was established in Marco's honor by his family to keep alive the devotion to solidarity and the attention towards the weakest members of society that the SuperSic always supported during his career.

The foundation supports and sponsors cooperation and solidarity projects that aid the less fortunate, even directly intervening, when necessary, in situations of need and difficulty.

The foundation's fundamental values leading their work on both the national and international front are the moral qualities that Marco Simoncelli was always an example of: moral integrity in all aspects of public and private life; loyalty and correctness in sporting competitions; ideals of brotherhood and help towards the less fortunate; family as the cornerstone of culture; and respect towards all cultures and identities.

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