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Win the artprint by Saverio Filioli

Graphic art. The dimensions are 33x48 cm.

"Worlds, elements, spirits, energies, dreams, stars. Life. My works are made ​​of These."

Saverio Filioli, young Italian artist known on the national and international scene, participates in exhibitions such as the Affordable Art Fair, Artexpo Milan, Space 40 Art Gallery.

To visit the artist's website : www.saveriofilioli.tk

Certificate of authenticity comes from the artist's studio with fingerprint 

This auction has been made available by the artist. 15% of the total auction price will be donated to Amici per il Centrafrica Onlus

Conditions : The auction winner will be notified via email and will receive the item within 15 working days of payment being received. 

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Live a Dream, Make a Change

The Cause

Amici per il Centrafrica Onlus is a non-religious association created in 2001 for proactive participation in helping people who live in poverty. This nonprofit organization helps the people of the Central African Republic, especially those experiencing greatest hardship in Sub-Saharan Africa. It offers them instruction, healthcare and training for employment so that they might become fully self-sufficient. 

The association is made up of volunteers who help both in Italy and Africa. It receives funding from various sources, including individuals, private businesses, banks, foundations, public bodies and schools. It believes that the improvement in living conditions of people all over the world is everyone's responsibility.

Growth and lifting the limits of development are stimulated through educating people and raising awareness about existing opportunities. Healthcare emergencies, widespread poverty due to political, social and structural instability, and the lack of attention toward defending minorities all impair the people of Central African countries in building solid bases for planning their future. 

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