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"Risorgimento, la scorta" by Aldo Torchio.

Oil on 35x50cm canvas made in 1969 by Aldo Torchio. The artwork is part of the "Nineteenth century" series.

Aldo Torchio was born in Cremona in 1925 and died in Cingia de Botti, in the Cremonese area, in 1999. Considered one of the greatest artists of the Italian classical figurative movement of the second half of the twentieth century, he was also one of its most popular illustrators. He completed several covers for Domenica del Corriere magazine, taking up the legacy from Achille Beltrame and Walter Molino.

For decades he was the leading illustrator for Universo publishing house, for which he created hundreds of covers for Il Monello and L’Intrepido.

The Cause

Nobel a Mogol (NaM), or Nobel to Mogol, is a nonprofit organization founded by three friends, Nanco Paoletti and journalists Milo Goj and Nestar Tosini. For years they have interpreted and studied the lyrics of the late, famous Italian singer Lucio Battisti, whose songs were written by Giulio Rapetti Mogol. Mogol has also written songs for many other Italian singers that have become great successes over the past 50 years: from Bobby Solo to Little Tony, Riccardo Cocciante and Adriano Celentano.

As they studied Mogol's songs, the three literati reached the conclusion that many of his texts were in all regards authentic poetry. If poetry means turning feelings, moods and states of being into words, then Mogol is certainly a great poet. Such verses as, "When sadness falls upon the depth of your heart, like the falling snow it make not a sound," leave nothing to be desired. They are right on par with even the most well-known and appreciated "traditional" poetry. He has written so many of such verses that a publication of them should be made. 

Mogol is therefore a great poet whose works match up to those of other Nobel prize authors. The Nobel to Mogol Association aims precisely at persuading public opinion to create a movement to nominate Giulio Rapetti Mogol for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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