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The Prize

Bid for the chance to enjoy a getaway on a private island off the Isle of Skye in the stunning Scottish Highlands.  

As featured on TV series ‘Extraordinary Escapes’, this exclusive lighthouse island allows you to enjoy ultimate relaxation.  

Feel as though you’re distancing yourself from the modern world. 

Inside your luxurious cottage, a fridge stocked with local delicacies awaits you. Relax by the fire with a dram of Scottish whisky and a good book; listen to the waves; enjoy a massage; experience the wild beauty of this picturesque place.  

And across the bay - walkable when the tide is out - a traditional Highland pub awaits when you’re ready to reconnect with the outside world and meet friendly locals.

Bidding for this unique experience will support Himalayan children to be reconnected with their parents.

The winning bid will receive:

3 nights accommodation for 4 people on Eilean Sionnach Private Island
Boat transfers to the island on arrival and departure
Fridge stocked with locally sourced, award-winning produce 
A massage therapy treatment for each guest 
Eilean Sionnach Private Island is a unique place with a sense of peace hard to find in our modern world. 

Bid now. Your private island awaits!

More information on this amazing island visit:


The Cause

Snowland Journeys is a non-profit organisation which supports Himalayan children, helping them to maintain contact with their families, alongside their right to education, and develops livelihoods for mountain communities. 

There is no education in high Himalayan regions of Nepal and no teachers willing to live in such remote areas without sanitation, transportation or communication, so many parents send their children away to school in the city at just 5 years old. For 10 years or more the children are unable to see or speak to their parents, due to the remoteness of the villages. Through their Reintegration Programme, Snowland Journeys enables these young people to return home to their parents, communities and culture. 

They provide emotional and physical preparation of young people and families for reintegration, starting several years before their reunion. The programme includes social work support, cultural awareness, personal development, guided trekking expeditions home, and training in wilderness first aid, health & hygiene, sustainability, conservation and continued safe access to the mountains. 

Experience shows that after reintegration the young people go on to help develop their villages and benefit local communities.

Snowland Journeys also helps build livelihoods for Himalayan communities so that in future children can be educated at home.

Snowland Journeys’ award-winning feature documentary, Children of the Snow Land, tells the story of these young people as they return home to parents they haven’t seen for 12 years. View at


Additional Details

  • Total number of people: 4.
  • Experience may not be resold or re-auctioned.
  • To be scheduled at a mutually agreeable date.
  • Blackout dates may apply.
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