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"Purple Stars Apple" sculpture by Milena Bini.

Material: clay, enamel, metalflakes, nail
Dimensions: h18x20cm

Milena Bini's Apples come from iconographic pop culture and belong to a more contemporary New Pop trend made from non-plastic materials. The artist works with clay, a material from Mediterranean historical-artistic tradition, using great technical skill to obtain glazed ceramics unique in their formal elegance, with iridescent, brilliant or matte colors, defined by decorative elements such as studs, glitter, bright paints, petioles in Murano glass or more simply a steel nail.

Other times her apples are characterized by the icons of the commercial and mass-media language: Bini's intent is not controversial, on the contrary, it is linked to a need for self-affirmation of each individual, within a society that tends towards homologation, strongly influenced by the stereotypes pushed by the language of advertising and cultural superstructures.

The Catch diversity installation, composed of apples, each equal in shape, like each of us, but different in the "character outer", in the aesthetic characterization that the artist gives them enriching it with multiform decorations, enamels and textures of symbolic elements.

Her sculptural apples thus become a symbol of humanity's heterogeneous spiritual and different characters that define every human being, equal in anatomy, but not in physiognomy. Her apples are typos.

The artist herself has embarked on an existential self-affirmative path, using art as a tool. Her works have been well received from exhibitions at the Fuori Salone in Milan to the Quistini Castle in Rovato, as well as Chef Alessandro Borghese's Milan restaurant.

The apple fell from the tree, to return cloaked in glory.


Donated by
Milena Bini

Item #P36396

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