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The Prize

"Project Galapagos" - by photographer Enzo Barracco 

  • Limited Edition, print 1/6 in the series, photo number 3
  • 34 cm x 51 cm
  • Print comes with box frame
  • Fair Market Value: $8,000

About the project:

“For my new Book, I chose Galapagos, the very place where 200 years ago Charles Darwin studied the origin of our species. The Galapagos are the perfect environment to make us visualize and understand the equilibrium of the oceanic system, and how it effects the life on our planet on a profound level.”

The oceans are on the verge of a pivotal change. With the continued challenges and disturbances inflicted upon them, we are undeniably contributing to the disruption of a millennial balance.

It is essential to raise awareness in this moment, in order to protect and preserve the Blue Planet.

“Enzo’s artistic journey translates Darwin’s vision into the modern language of photography.
I believe in the power of art and culture such as Enzo's work, to generate conversations and stimulate change.“

-Edwina Ehrman, Victoria and Albert Museum London UK

“Follows Enzo’s striking and beautiful book, ‘the noise of ice Antarctica’, the new book about Galapagos  perfectly adds to his series of spectacular photographs of the most remote and fascinating places on Earth.important work like Enzo’s ever reminds us of the fragility of our planet and what we all must do to protect it for the future.”

-Christian Levett Art Collector, founder Mougins Museum

"These photographs in this stunning new book by Enzo Barracco capture the magic of the Galapagos."

-Stephen Rathbone; Director Radley College, Oxford UK

Enzo Barracco is an Italian environmental photographer, who lives and works in London, New York and Hong Kong.

His work is based on the desire to establish a dialogue with nature, with a purpose of raising collective action to be more attentive and respectful to the natural world, and create a body of work that can be evidence of what is climate change now.

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