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The Prize

Peugeot 108 autographed by the entire cast of X Factor 2014: Alessandro Cattelan, Morgan and Victoria Cabello and the six finalists Emma, Mario, Leiner, Lorenzo, Madh and Ilaria! 

The vehicle was used by the cast during the first audition and is now being shown in the famous X Factor arena. 

The signatures are on the hood of the vehicle and are protected by a special film. 

Technical Features: 

108 Allure TOP 5 door with grey canvass roof. 1.0 VTi 68CV. 


-Rear view camera;

-Keyless system

-Leather interior with heated seats

Retail Price 16,000 EUR.

*The car was registered in July 2014.

The winning bidder will be suporting Project Children in ANT, which offers pediatric cancer treatment and home visits for patients. 

Get Bidding!! You don’t want to miss this one!!

How it works: the winning bidder will be notified via email and will receive the product within 28 working days of the auction closing. Need more information? Write to or call us on 0203 301 5800.

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The Cause

Fondazione ANT Italia Onlus, created in 1978 by the oncologist Franco Pannuti, is the largest free hospital in Italy, providing assistance to cancer patients and carrying out cancer prevention projects. Its mission is inspired by Eubiosia (from Ancient Greek, “the good life"), so that a patient's dignity might be preserved during illness and up until the last moments of life. Since 1985, Fondazione ANT has brought complete health and social services assistance to over 100,000 individuals' homes, free of charge. More than 4,250 people are helped at home every day by the 20 teams of ANT healthcare workers who guarantee hospital-type care and social services.

For the overall well-being of the patient, there is even a social assistance service that provides specialized care at home, basic hygiene, changing of linens, and many other services. The foundation also counts on the support of over 1,800 volunteers helping in fundraising and logistics.

ANT also carries out projects for cancer prevention and early diagnosis of melanoma, thyroid, gynecological and breast neoplasms. 

Research and training are also part of ANT's agenda. Since 2002, they have been educating the public and families of patients about health and tumor prevention. They are also involved in many collaborative research projects at the European level.

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