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Original board by Salvador Dalì – “Il Traditore di Montaperti” Divine Comedy Inferno Canto XXXII (32).

Original board created using woodcut technique in color on BFK Rives paper. The board comes from the most important body of illustrative work ever made by the great Spanish master. This work is one of 100 boards from the three canticles, Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso.

Dalì took ten years - from 1950 to 1959 - to complete these boards, presenting them to the public in 1960 at the Palais Gallièra in Paris. The boards were made mainly using watercolor with additions in pen in an interpretation and reinvention of what the lines of the 'Divine Comedy' aroused in Dalí's visionary imagination. The result is shapes and colors that are both grotesque, irreverent, ironic, dramatic, sensual, ecstatic, allegorical and even graceful and sublime.

When discussing his woodcuts dedicated to The Divine Comedy, Salvador Dalí said "I wanted my illustrations for Dante to be like slight marks of moisture on a divine cheese. Hence their multicolored butterfly-winged appearance".

Subject of the Canto: Dante invokes the Muses to help him describe the IX Circle. Entry to the first area of ​​Cocito, Caina where traitors to blood relatives are punished. Meeting with the Counts of Mangona and Camicione de 'Pazzi. Entry to the second area of ​​Cocito, the Antenòra where traitors to one's homeland are punished. Meeting with Bocca degli Abati and other traitors. Meeting with Count Ugolino and Archbishop Ruggieri.

Size of framed work: 37 x 45 cm


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History Life Onlus was born out of a group of young volunteers’ passion for history and culture.
Our belief is that knowledge is the heritage of us all and that every one of us should know his/her own past in order to become a better version of himself/herself.
At the center of our activities are the protection, promotion and enhancement of culture and art in all of their forms and expressions. To this end, one of our main goals for 2017 is to create a fund for scholarships for deserving but economically disadvantaged students.
We believe that knowledge is a right of everyone: every citizen of the world should have the possibility to access it, independently from his/her economic situation, because only instruction makes men truly free.

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