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Using a combination of recorded curriculum and live sessions, you will encounter a vibrant community of peers and events that will enrich your practice, with the Oil Painting “Fluency & Flow” course as featured in the NY Review of Books, and valued at $1200! Generously donated by well-known LA based artist and author of “The New Oil Painting,” Kimberly Brooks (whose work has been featured internationally and in publications ranging from New American Paintings to the LA Times to Vogue and Vanity Fair,) this course is for artists of all ages!
Painting is the earliest, most primitive and exalted form of art. When we paint, time stops and we experience the results in an instant. Then, the hours of creative energy become suspended, as if in amber, far beyond our own lifetimes. While oil painting as a medium offers endless possibilities, it remains the least understood and most inconsistently presented to someone who wants to learn. Beginners often avoid it because they think it involves harmful solvents (not true). Even the most experienced painters have large gaps in their knowledge leading most to fend for themselves. Most in depth oil painting instruction that even touches techniques are so rooted in tradition that they inadvertently shun the exciting world of contemporary art and the role that it plays in informing technique today.
Best of all, proceeds from this auction allow TREE ACADEMY to provide equal access to education for lower income families with children in need, as well as to help their student body discover & fulfill their potential in the areas of creative arts, technology & social justice, and via community service initiatives.
Engage your inner artist when you win this incredible art course.

The Cause

TREE Academy is an inclusive & diverse non-profit school in Los Angeles, CA that is innovating education for the new generation. TREE provides a customized academic approach designed to create equal access to education for all students, with a focus on creative arts, new technology, social justice and community service.

100% of net proceeds raised through this auction will allow TREE Academy to provide funding for lower income families with children in need, as well as to help its existing student body discover & fulfill their potential. Please visit our site for additional information about this incredible school.


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  • Experience may not be resold or re-auctioned.
  • We expect all winning bidders and guests to conduct themselves appropriately and be polite and respectful at all times.
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