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The Prize

Official UK In-House EMI/Parlophone "Platinum Disc" LP sales award, presented to a EMI senior sales Manager, Ian McMinn, recognising the sales of more than 1,000,000 copies, of the 1982 album release 'The John Lennon Collection'. A fantastic piece of musical history, celebrating one of John Lennon's last albums after his tragic death on 08 December 1980.

John Lennon was an English singer-songwriter and one of the four principal members of the Beatles. His first three studio albums were experiments with Yoko Ono utilising tape loops, interviews, musique concrete and other avant-garde performance techniques. He also released one live album and three singles under his own name before the break up of the Beatles.

His solo album sales in the US had exceeded 14M units by 2012. He has had 25 number one singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart as a writer, co-writer or performer.

The album "The John Lennon Collection" was originally scheduled for release in late 1981, but was held back a year to sort out the legalities owing to the fact half the songs on the album were licenced to EMI and the other half, songs from "Double Fantasy" were licenced to Geffen. It was eventually released on 01 November 1982 by Parlephone in the UK and on November 8th by Geffen in the US. It was the first John Lennon album to be issued following his death in 1980. The album includes most of his hit singles and other tracks from his solo albums recorded with EMI from 1970-1975, as well as all but one of his songs from his final album "Double Fantasy".

The album did etremely well reaching #1 in the UK and peaking at No.33 in the US where it would eventually reach triple platinum. The album sold 300,000 copies in the first week and 1M by it's third week in the UK.

It comes complete with a C.o.A.

The Cause

We are a charity that supports vulnerable, homeless, marginalised people and Veterans. We help them transform their lives, providing accommodation and helping them gain the skills, confidence and opportunities to live their lives independently.

We are driven by a passion to care for those that are overlooked, neglected, abandoned and made vulnerable by society, in a way that does not judge but rather offers hope and practical care for those who need it most.

Alabaré believes that if we work together, we can achieve our vision of a society where everyone has the opportunity to live a fulfilling life. Alabaré supports rough sleepers, young parents and their babies, vulnerable women, adults with addictions, mental ill-health, and learning difficulties, young people leaving the care system, and Veterans.  Each year Alabaré supports around 2,000 people by providing a safe home and support through 90 Homes and Services in the South West, South and throughout Wales.

Alabaré is the largest provider of homes for Veterans outside of London, with 23 homes in eleven areas in the South, South West, and Wales. Alabaré must raise £815,000 to support the vulnerable and homeless Veterans gain the skills, opportunities and confidence to live transformed lives outside of the military community.

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