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The Prize

V-neck gilet in cashmere blend wool with colored pure silk tie.

European size 42

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Coronavirus Emergency: Cesvi supports Bergamo Hospital and the Elderly

Jejia has chosen to donate some pieces from its SS20 Resort collection to Cesvi as a contribution to the campaign supporting Bergamo Hospital and the most vulnerable elderly people in Milan.

The Cause

Coronavirus Emergency: Cesvi in support of Bergamo Hospital and the Elderly

The Coronavirus Emergency is not slowing down, it's spreading throughout the country and continues to claim too many lives, especially in northern Italy. Bergamo is one of the provinces with the highest number of cases, and Lombardy the worst affected region with almost 35,000 cases.

In Bergamo the doctors and medical staff of the Asst Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital are working tirelessly. The situation is dramatic. In a week's time the new Alpini field hospital will also be ready, a facility that will relieve the pressure on health structures that are at the point of collapse. Cesvi is supporting the Papa Giovanni Hospital to strengthen its intensive care unit through the supply of medical aid devices and specific health equipment (ventilators, non-invasive ventilation devices, hemodynamic monitoring etc), and is also supporting the new field hospital through the supply of sanitary materials.

To cope with the emergency, Cesvi felt the need to do its part in the protection of the most vulnerable in the area by taking action to offer aid to the over 65s, both in Bergamo and in Milan.

In partnership with Bergamo's Department of Social Policies and in collaboration with Consorzi Solco Città Aperta and Ribes as a temporary business association, Cesvi is working in Bergamo to strengthen services for the elderly, increase the availability of PPE (specifically masks), support vulnerable and isolated families or those experiencing health emergencies by offering services related to primary needs.

In ​​collaboration with the Cooperative Spazio Aperto and as part of the Milan Aid for Social Policies initiative promoted by the City Council, Cesvi is taking action in Milan to support the city's elderly population. The "We'll come to you" project intends to strengthen and implement home-based services to support those over 65, with the aim of preventing marginalization and isolation.

In addition, in Bergamo Cesvi is lending its support to various care homes and city doctors through the supply of health protection devices and medical equipment.

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