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The Prize

2016 work of art in varnish, spray paint and acrylic on canvas. Dimensions: 100x150 cm.

This work was created based on the reading of the cosmic coordinates of the Leo constellation and its galaxies. The letters reproduce the phrase of Kiplin, the founder, who explains the meaning of the black color for the mesh as being an instrument "to invoke fear in our opponents." The astrological signs Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius make up the Trinity of Fire, an icon of force and regality.

Flycat, the pseudonym of Luca Massironi, is one of the main representatives of the first generation of street-artists and writers in Europe. His numerous trips to East Los Angeles, his ties to the greatest masters worldwide, and his deep passion for Graffiti led him to write his "Manifesto del Futurismo Celeste" with the objective of giving back to each individual letter its own expressive autonomy.

He has been the focus of numerous art shows both in Italy and abroad, giving great attention to the social-cultural side of his art: in 1998 he held the first Spray Art course at the C. Beccaria Juvenile Penal Institution in Milan; in 2006 he was the artistic director of the show “Dal Muro alla Tela” put on by the FAI (Italian Cultural and Environmental Foundation); and in 2008 he collaborated with the Youth Ministry to create a discussion table about urban art. Additionally, in 2016 he was the first European artist invited by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to hold a workshop during the eighth edition of the FADJR. 

The Cause

Fondazione Milan is a charity that is part of the broader AC Milan Social Responsibility and Sustainability program. The foundation was established in 2003 with the aim of meeting the needs of local communities in difficult circumstances.

Over the years, they have helped people in need of education, housing and care.

In 2013, after ten years of experience, they decided to focus on projects using sports and its values to help disadvantaged young people to build a better future. They want to invest in the potential of these young people, enhance their skills and support their dreams, so that all young people might have the opportunity to develop their talents.

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