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The Prize

The latest item to be auctioned on CharityStars is this historical Juventus shirt, worn by footballer Teobaldo Depetrini.

This kind of shirt was in fashion from 1945 to 1949, but this specific shirt was worn during the 1946-47 Champiomship games. The traces of wear and tear, accumulated over time, emphasize the historical importance and uniqueness of this priceless item.

Dario Canovi receive the shirt as a gift from the hereditor of an A.I.A director and he decided to auction it to support the project Girotondo For Africa Onlus

By bidding for this shirt you too could make a huge contribution to support a good cause!



Footballer  Teobaldo Depetrini

Team Juventus F.C

Competition  Shirt worn in the 1946-47 Championship Games in Italy


Project: Girotondo for Africa - Costruzione di un asilo per i bambini di Ropi in Etiopia

Conditions: the winning bidder will be notified via email and will receive the item within 7 working days, once the auction has been closed. He/She will receive a certificate of authenticity from the donator, upon request. Are you suspicious? Write to info@charitystars.com or call us on 02 49762138.

Happy Charity!

The Cause

The GIROTONDO FOR AFRICA association was conceived in order to help humanitarian associations in Africa. Girotondo wishes to provide children and kids living in desperate living conditions with an independent future and to improve their daily living conditions through structured concrete projects.

It’s intent is that of helping underdeveloped countries through solidarity projects. It’s main objective is to: help minors by providing education, nutrition, health care and professional training. It also provides drinking water to communities and villages who don’t have any, develops special technology in order to use natural resources without damaging the environment, promotes programs for economic development, defends civil rights, promotes cultural exchange programs with developed countries with Italy. Promotes information and initiatives regarding developed countries by favoring initiates whose intent are that of spreading culture peace and solidarity.


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