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The Prize

Dimensions: 50x70cm

Offset lithograph
Publisher: GrafiArt
Paper – Fabriano cotton Privilege
Edition: Limited to 150 pieces
Number 89/150
Signature: printed
Dry stamp: POW

The artwork comes with a certificate of autenticity supplied by a third party.

Condition: very good. The item may display very small defects due to age, an aspect that in no way affects the high value of the work.

Bansky is the most famous and controversial street artist in the world, everyone talks about him, his works are incredibly expensive. Yet we know nothing about him. We do not know his face, his name, or his date of birth. Whether it is to escape the authorities or to help a precise “marketing” strategy, this concealed identity has two main consequences. It boosts his fame (just think of the intriguing media speculations on Bansky’s identity) and, above all, it deters us from talking about him, or rather it prompts us to talk about him only through his work. His activity begins on the walls in Bristol at the beginning of the 1990s and evolves into its definitive form around the end of the decade, with the technique of stencil. Banksy loads his graffiti with irony and cutting satire, combining strong images to subversive and politically incorrect epigrams. Even if mainly performed with stencil, Bansky’s art is not limited to mural painting and it features urban installations, big theme projects (like Dismaland park or the Walled Off Hotel), videos and even documentaries: he received an Oscar nomination for “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, suspended between reality and fiction. Bansky is an all-round artist who has dramatically transformed the world of Street Art with the so-called “Bansky effect”.


The Cause

Among the various activities that we have planned for the biennium 2017/18, there is the Pet Therapy, for children and people with disabilities, but also for adults or older people who want to find an inner balance.

The therapeutic value of the relationship with animals friends is now recognized by the science. The Alchemist a no-profit Association of Social Promotion and Culture, believes that, especially cats and rodents can allow children and adults with difficulties temporary or chronic social relationship, to improve their quality of life and to be able to regain their inner balance, in order to better address the everyday life or health.

We are only at the beginning, in the most delicate phase: to raise funds through events, public auctions and more, in order to operate on the territory of Pescara. We very believe in this project and we also believe that the Pet Therapy should be accessible free of charge.

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  • In condition as donated.
Item #P62595

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