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The Prize

You can take home this unique bronze hand cast of American musician Akon by renowned artist Glenn Bracke. 

The cast was taken at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. 

Glenn Bracke was born into a family of silk screen printers on March 25th 1970. Showing an early interest in silk screen printing, he soon followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, taking his family heritage to a third generation. Over time, he developed his personal printing style and techniques. At the age of twenty he opened his first silk screen-printing company, Glenn Tex, specialized in full colour T-shirt design and print.

Glenn is also interested in photography. He has created powerful pieces for performance artists and personalities such as Bryan Ferry, Randy Jones, Shaggy, Eros Ramazotti, Grace Jones and Nile Rogers. He has also created a number of unique art collections, some of which were exhibited at the Art Style Gallery in Knokke in 2014. Later that same year Glenn presented his artwork at Cannes, during the Film Festival. The central piece of his exhibition was a truly stunning and imaginative piece, “Grace”. The unveiling took place on the red carpet, during the official opening of the festival and premiere of the film Grace, with the world press in attendance.  
Glenn presented several artworks during the Cannes Film Festival, including "Shopping in Paris", exhibited at the Niki Beach Club, and his "Studio 54" piece presented at the exhibition of Chambre Noire.


Bronze Artwork of American singer Akon 
Dimensions: 30x40cm
Weight: 5kg

The Cause

As you may have noticed, the world of disability and mobility is developing fast, and mentalities about the necessity to get a maximum of accessible places have been evolving.

It is increasingly common to talk about the “Disability market” because the tourism sector is aware that there is a real opportunity to attract and retain new customers, who were often cast aside in the past. Unfortunately, a large amount of persons with reduced mobility still do not travel and are often reluctant to move into unfamiliar surroundings. 

80% of people do not travel because they do not get responses to their requests, and the necessary information in order to prepare their trip in the best possible way. The Wheeling Around the World Foundation’s aim is to break down the barriers in order to enable everyone to travel in the best possible conditions, and to fulfill their dreams. 

The Wheeling Around the World Foundation also intends to be the spokesperson of disability and mobility, in order to heighten the awareness of institutions and the tourism industry about the importance of accessibility for everyone.

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