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The Prize

Bid on this fantastic auction to win the "Globe Lamp" by GIOARA, an exclusive and iconic design object created in honor of the former Juventus captain Alessandro Del Piero and subsequently autographed by him.

It is a one-piece realization of a chandelier in thermoform-molded glass with a satin finish, hand-decorated with cold glass paints and embossed gold wire (faux or) reproducing the Alessandro Del Piero logo.

Laboratorio Gioara came from a chance meeting between Giorgio Gros and Chiara Ferraris, now the creative leaders of a team of Piedmontese artisan companies and designers.

They met a challenge launched by Giorgio: to make the glass copy of Pierino Gros' childhood skis, when he began his career. Chiara accepted and strives to satisfy the request: the first glass skis by Gioara were created and will be declined in a collection of contemporary design signed by stars of contemporary design such as Karim Rashid.

The aim is to show the potential of a group of excellent artisan companies that can work together, coordinated by Gros and Ferraris.

Dimensions of Glass: 40 cm Ø.

Number: 1/1 

Year: 2016

The Cause

The SciAbile Project was created in 2003 thanks to the collaboration between BMW Italy and the ski school Sauze d'Oulx Project. It aims to help people with various types of disabilities learn to ski and snowboard completely free of cost. The Project provides participants with the necessary support for their type of disability. The teachers participating in the Project have specialized in this particular form of teaching with admirable passion and dedication. To date, more than 800 students have come from Italy and abroad to participate in our courses, and over 9000 hours of lessons have been held by the masters.

In 2013 we opened the Sport Project SciAbile ONLUS to: develop and improve the "SciAbile Project" to involve an increasing number of disabled people with genetic, cognitive, sensory and motor pathologies; continue to provide this important service free of charge (masters, equipment rental, transport, etc.); convey and encompass in a single association all the work done so far in the past thirteen years by the Ski School Sauze d'Oulx Project and partly by the Ski Club Sportinia, simplifying and streamlining all the complex activities of the "SciAbile Project" to make it more manageable; allow all those who believe in the Project to support us in a simple and straightforward manner, enjoying the tax benefits provided for donations to Non-Profit Organizations of Social Utility (ONLUS).

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