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A must for any wine lover! Win this extraordinary, exclusive experience at Ca’ del Bosco, one of the most amazing wineries in Italy. Ideally situated in a park of oak, chestnut and acacia, Ca ‘del Bosco will open its cellars for an incredible tour which will bring wine lovers to view the production of Franciacorta, and will guide them through the vineyards surrounding the estate.

Explore barrel cellars and historical vaults, and step through to the heart of the winery- the Dome- to discover the secrets of a great passion. Enjoy tastings of Franciacorta Cuvée Annamaria Clementi and Vintage Collection Brut Franciacorta. Partake in a gourmet lunch (or dinner) at the restaurant Due Colombe to Borgo Antico (in Borgonato of Corte Franca, Brescia).

Due Colombe at Borgo Antico is located in a recently revitalized, picture-perfect village. Here, an informal elegance links tradition and modernity, and sets the perfect stage for the creative, culinary delights of chef Stefano Cerveni, who has established himself as one of the most interesting new talents on the national cuisine scene, gaining in 2008 the prestigious Michelin stars.

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Founded in 2007, the Novak Djokovic Foundation is a global organization that champions and invests in early childhood education with a focus on Serbia, a country where only one in two children has access to preschool education. It was founded on the belief that early education can transform the lives of children as well as entire communities. This is achieved by creating best-in-class programs and learning environments in Serbia where more than 600 teachers have received training. The Foundation has built or repurposed 18 schools and helped over 10,000 children to date.

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