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The Prize

Eco Pen Grin - Complete kit comprising three products: Retro Wood, Bamboo Eco Essential and Eco Essential Mechanical Pencil.

The Retro Pen is the wooden pen that combines history and modernity. A pen that offers the classic elegance of brass and the linear and eco-friendly design of wood. The brass, which changes over time, will give you a sense of history, reminding you of the events documented by that pen, the important agreements signed, the signature of important contracts. The external body of the pen, on the other hand, has a linear, modern and compact design and a unique and varying appearance. Wood is a material that renews itself, making each pen unique.

The Bamboo Eco Essential is a design-lovers pen. The perfect combination of nature, design and functionality: a quality wooden pen to give to a friend, loved one or colleague; the right idea for a graduation gift, a Christmas gift or to celebrate the signing of an important contract. A refined and elegant pen in an eco-friendly material: bamboo is in fact a plant that takes a short time to regenerate. Its natural texture conveys comfort and serenity.

The Eco Essential mechanical pencil is made of bamboo and aluminum: elegant, functional and precise, it is the ideal gift to give to a professional, a friend or a loved one on a special occasion.

The Cause

Since 2003, the Veronesi foundation has been pursuing a single objective: promoting the progress of science, health resources and ethical growth—civilly and in society.

"Science must always work for and with the human being,” declared the founder, Umberto Veronesi, “this means respect of the person, research for solutions and strategies that can improve the quality of life, offering new hopes for the present and for the generations in the future”.

At the core of the foundation there is barrier-free and scientific research that invests in young talent from each country, working toward answers to new questions using innovative and high-profile research programs dedicated to the prevention and diagnosis of tumors, cardiovascular disease and neuroscience, and the discovery of cure strategies that are efficient and beneficial to the entire community.

Unique in its genesis, the foundation has pushed its own interests outside the walls of a laboratory, encouraging social involvement and education in science. The Veronesi Foundation is also active with its devotion to science so that the results from science become available to everybody. Particularly, the foundation spreads the principles of prevention and correct lifestyle to keep disease away, even the most serious diseases that we can avoid just by changing our behavior.

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