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The Prize

Take home this 'Born to Survive' Print by Dan Pearce!

My 'Born to Survive' artwork was inspired by the current pandemic situation after watching the Queen address the nation regarding coronavirus.

Mixed media artist Dan Pearce will be providing one of his amazing prints called ‘Born to Survive’. Dan has received great acclaim and recently featured on Sky News as well as being featured in London’s ShortList magazine as “One of the UK’s most collectable emerging artists”.

Dan’s artwork takes inspiration from celebrity culture, street-style and pop art, blending elements of fine art to create an iconic aesthetic that carefully combines new, digital media with old-school techniques.

“I consider my work to be something of a conversation with the rest of the people who see it, I'm participating in topics people are talking about. We are going through such a strange time right now and one of my coping mechanisms in difficult or bleak times has always been humour. It has the ability to comfort, entertain and unite us, and that's something I think a lot of people need right now." 

Dimensions: 75x50cm.

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The Cause

The Peter Jones Foundation was founded in 2005 by entrepreneur and well-known business investor, Peter Jones CBE, and it provides young people and disadvantaged groups with the enterprise skills and experiences to better prepare them for successful employment or self-employment.

We work with young people of all ages in schools and colleges across the UK and increasingly abroad. We offer programmes that respond to the challenges young people face and aim to encourage, educate and empower students to grow and fulfil their potential.

We encourage students to form their first business and compete with teams either locally or nationally through our flagship enterprise competition, Tycoon.

We educate students through our suite of accredited courses and qualifications in Business, Enterprise, and Entrepreneurship developed with Pearson, at Level 2 and Level 3, through the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy.

We empower all our graduates by supporting them into one of three successful pathways: starting a business, gaining employment, or securing a place at university.

Entrepreneurship gives young people the opportunity to explore their passions and discover if they can turn their ideas into a business and take control of their future.  Not only this, the wide range of transferable skills they learn through our activities improves their future employability.

It’s our belief that by giving young people the opportunity to explore their passions, whilst learning and studying for a qualification, they discover if they can turn their ideas into a business and take control of their future. 

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