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The Prize

"Creo Dipendenza" artwork by Giordano Floreancig, signed on the back.

The work "Creo Dipendenza" is an oil on canvas created by the artist in 2015/16.

It has been exhibited in Vienna Stroili stone show-room, the Regions Building in Brussels, the Lausanne Kramer Gallery, in Maiano (Udine) in the Ciro di Pers Space and in Milan at the 7ettanta6ei Gallery.

Giordano Floreancig was born on 25 October 1954 and lives and works in Udine, Italy. 

Self-taught, Giordano began painting in 1976 when Friuli experienced a tragic earthquake. As late as 2000 is work was presented to the public by chance when his daughter Valentina entered one of his paintings in a national competition without his knowledge and he won first prize in the painting section.

Known for his faces of the mad (which he considers the real definition of normal), he began his first solo exhibitions in his own region, where he obtained enormous success with the public and critics alike, and before long institutions began to organize exhibitions in Trieste, in Rome and in Cividale, among others. Over the course of his artistic career Floreancig has also addressed the conceptual, creating installations with a strong emotional impact. He also took part in the 54th Venice Biennale.

His works have their own strength and their own very original expressive power. In his faces we note the tragedy of existence.

The artist is currently exhibiting with a solo show entitled MALEDETTA FELICITÀ at the 7ettanta6ei Gallery in via Felice Casati 39 Milan, Italy.

The Cause

Cesvi is a secular and independent Italian humanitarian organization (nonprofit foundation) that was founded in 1985 in Bergamo. It’s present in every continent and helps with emergencies of every kind, such as rebuilding cities following civil wars and calamities. It’s main project however is to help fight poverty and support sustainable development initiatives that take advantage of local resources and mobilize the population benefitting from the initiatives.

In the past year, Cesvi has helped over 3 million people in 26 countries all over the world, with the help of staff made up primarily of local personnel (88%). 93% of the funds that are raised are allocated directly to field projects. It was the first association in Italy that received the Oscar di Bilancio in 2000 and 2011 for its transparency.

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