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Il completo, dello stilista francese Thierry Mugler, è composto da giacca e gonna vintage anni '90 ed è stato indossato dalla grande attrice Eva Grimaldi.

L'abito fu indossato da Eva al suo primo provino con il regista Jean-Marie Poiré per il film "Les Anges gardiens". A quell'incontro erano presenti anche Christian Clavier e Gérard Depardieu. Il completo portò fortuna ad Eva che fu scelta per la parte. 

Eva è una seguitissima attrice italiana che, grazie alla sua straordinaria bellezza, è molto seguita e ammirata anche all'este

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History Life Onlus was born out of a group of young volunteers’ passion for history and culture.
Our belief is that knowledge is the heritage of us all and that every one of us should know his/her own past in order to become a better version of himself/herself.
At the center of our activities are the protection, promotion and enhancement of culture and art in all of their forms and expressions. To this end, one of our main goals for 2017 is to create a fund for scholarships for deserving but economically disadvantaged students.
We believe that knowledge is a right of everyone: every citizen of the world should have the possibility to access it, independently from his/her economic situation, because only instruction makes men truly free.

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