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The Prize

She’s Eve, Washable Sanitary Pads and Carriers

Color: Pink

Limited edition. The cotton fabric comes from Gucci Up program: the initiative designed by Gucci to up-cycle textile offcuts created during manufacturing. 100% cotton fabric, charcoal bamboo absorbent liner in fuchsia with 20% polyester, buttons in palladium, lead and nickel free. Hand made in Italy.

After the purchase you will be put in touch with the referent within the charity allowing you to choose the version you feel most comfortable with (Heavy flow, Medium flow, Light flow)

Product description
We currently have 2 lines consisting of our limited edition in collaboration with Gucci Up-Cycle where we use their end-roll fabric and off-cuts of leather that are part of the collection and our classic line made from off-cuts not from any brand. The pads consist of 3 sizes: heavy flow, medium flow and light flow.
We source women seamstress’ to make our pads, using fashion brand cotton on the outside, while on the inside the absorbent part is made from eco-friendly, charcoal bamboo fabric. The use of polyester is kept to an absolute minimum and we are striving to eliminate plastic fibres altogether from our products.

Our packaging is also ecologically friendly, we pack our pads in a biodegradable transparent bag made from vegetable extract and the boxes are made from Kraft recycled cardboard.

The Cause

A large percentage of girls drop out of school because of falling behind in their studies or from being ashamed to attend school after being teased by their piers from soiling their clothes with blood. The only option for them is then to marry and have children at such young ages, where mortality rate is very high in childbirth because of the lack of clinics, medicines, doctors or nurses, leaving aside the problems of HIV, infections, etc.

Main goal of Padding Africa is setting up sewing groups in rural villages to make reusable sanitary pad kits for girls and distributing them to rural schools in Sub-Saharan Africa

Padding Africa helps women and girls become self-sustainable, giving them the opportunity to work and giving the girls a solution to attend school by distributing the reusable sanitary pad kits on our trips.


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