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The Prize

Bottle of Chianti Rosso, 1953 - Giovanni Cappelli.

Content: 1 pint and 7FL
Volume: 12%

This wine, like all vintage wines in general, is subject to a multitude of variables that condition aging with the passing of time so as not to guarantee its drinkability.

Vintage wine is not to be considered as a product to be tasted, but as an emotion that brings with it the memories of a past time. It is first and foremost a valuable collector's item and, later, if you are lucky, a wine to savor.

Towards the end of the 19th century, great-grandfather Ferdinando Cappelli began trading wine by taking it from local farmers and delivering it to families and shops in characteristic demijohns on his horse-drawn cart. His son Mario carried on business, adding a characteristic straw bottle, and then passed it down to Giovanni.

The estate was later equipped with a bottling plant, taking it up to its fourth generation and Davide Cappelli. Trading activity has expanded and the company ships to  Florence and across Italy.

Please note: Preserved professionally for over 50 years in a special cellar, this is a collector's bottle, therefore the quality of the wine cannot be guaranteed.


The Cause

The percentage of the proceeds devolved to charity from the sale of this lot will be equally divided among the 20 charities who have subscribed to the CharityStars NPO Premium program.

These charities are:
- Associazione Amici di Sean
- Associazione Bambin Gesù
- Associazione Bianca Garavaglia
- Associazione LaSpes
- Associazione Stelle nello Sport
- Associazione White Mathilda
- DBA Onlus
- Fondazione Cannavaro Ferrara
- Fondazione IEO-CCM
- Fondazione Magnoni
- Associazione Arenbi Onlus
- Fondazione Operation Smile Onlus
- Fondazione Theodora Onlus
- Fondazione Umberto Veronesi
- Global Humanitarian Italia Onlus
- History Life Onlus
- In Campo con il Cuore
- Insieme per Fily Onlus
- Insuperabili Onlus
- Sermig

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  • In condition as donated.
  • This item can only be purchased if it conforms to existing rules applicable in your country. Please note: Alcohol minimum purchase age varies by country.
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