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This item is a BLACK BORSALINO FEDORA worn by The Lumineers drummer, pianist and co-founder, Jeremiah Fraites. He wore the designer Borsalino hat on the day he met Barack Obama, former President of the United States.

Upon learning that President Obama often listened to their music, frontman Wesley Schultz said, "We knew we’d made it when Obama’s a fan.” The former President included The Lumineers' track "Stubborn Love" in his first Spotify playlist in the summer of 2015, stating that he's a big fan of the band.

The Lumineers met President Obama at the White House on October 3, 2016 before performing at the prestigious South by South Lawn Festival.

The Lumineers’ debut album The Lumineers has been streamed more than 1 Billion times.

The Lumineers were formed in 2005 by guitarist and singer, Wesley Schultz, and pianist and drummer, Jeremiah Fraites. Wesley and Jermiah both grew up in Ramsey, NJ and started writing music together after a mutual tragedy formed a lifelong bond between them.

The Lumineers have released three chart-topping studio albums: The Lumineers in 2012, Cleopatra in 2016 and III in 2019. They have performed in stadiums, arenas and theaters around the world.

The Cause

When a child becomes ill, the family balance is inevitably affected: everyday life involving mum, dad, siblings and grandparents changes. The Onco-Hematological illness will take over and for some time distort the life of the child or adolescent, filling it with therapy and hospitalizations.

In these moments, the whole family must be helped to face difficulties that require great courage and heavy sacrifice.

The UGI volunteers have been assisting with this disease for over 40 years by accompanying young patients and their parents to provide as much support as possible. The organization is present during hospitalization, it provides financial aid when needed, it contributes to scientific research and the treatment of pediatric cancers, as well as offering free accommodation at "Casa UGI" to those who come from outside the city of Turin and need to stay near the hospital. In addition, with the launch of UGIDUE in 2020, the organization offers patients who come out of therapy and their families a dedicated space to recover psychological and social tools needed for the return to normal daily life, accompanied, where necessary, by psychomotor rehabilitation courses in the UGIDUE gym.

Childhood cancer requires a real show of collective commitment.

If we put our heart into it, together we can win. It's a blue heart of hope.

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