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The Prize

Work of art by Paolo Pianezza.

This model was computer-designed using CAD software and then 3D printed. The material used is an eco-friendly thermoplastic of vegetable origin. 3D printing gives each piece its unique quality, with some tiny imperfections that set it apart from the others. 

Created in 2017. Its dimensions are 20.5 cm x 23.5 cm, including the frame. The work is ready to be hung. 

Paolo Pianezza, a true craftsman, has always put his ingenuity to the service of art. His creative nature enabled him to create the first digitally-designed Jacquard drawing in the world, which was applied to making ties. Particularly attentive to social causes, Paolo creates works with a contemporary flavor that are always respectful of the environment.

The Cause

Micro Sol means Solidal Microcredit. We have created a fund to provide small interest-free loans for people who live in countries where the average income is particularly low: Burundi, Rwanda, Nicaragua. The microcredit is then used to found or expand a work reality like creating farms or spaces to host chickens and pigs, and buying seeds or equipment to grow rice, cereals or beans. People can also buy what they need to open a tailoring service, a little shop in isolated areas away from the cities, and many other ventures. The micocredits are usually from 20 to 800 euros per person/family, and they expire in 4 to 18 months. In the locations, our professional partners select the beneficiaries that monitor the microcredit and make sure that it's returned to the charity. At this point, we can either return the loan to the donor or loan the money to other people.

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