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Attend a New York Fashion Week Fashion Show and witness one of the most prestigious events on the calendar, Moncler Grenoble 2016.

This auction is for two passes to the show. The new collection from the brand famous throughout the world for its luxury outwear will be on show.

The proceeds raised from this auction will support TOG- la fondazione Together To Go Onlus.

Conditions: The date of the show is Saturday 13 February at 18.30 at Lincoln Center Plaza New York - NY 10023. Admission is for two people. Further information will be given to the winner once payment has been received. For more information email info@charitystars.com or ring us on 0203 301 5800.

Live a Dream, Make a Change

The Cause

Together to Go Onlus (Tog) was founded in order to create a center for hosting 106 children affected by complex neurological diseases. These children have suffered damage to their Central Nervous System from either genetic diseases, improper prenatal development or birth trauma. They have motor, cognitive, behavioral and communication disorders. Following diagnosis, they need rehabilitation, which is often the only effective cure. Tog creates a customized rehabilitation plan for each child, to help with: movement through physical therapy, communication through speech therapy, better understanding the world through cognitive therapy, and interacting with others through psychomotor training, music therapy and psychological support.

For Tog, the goal is not only to find a cure and help the children develop to their full potential, but to also create a trustful and empathetic environment that helps their families and schools.

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