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This is your chance to try Acquerello rice with 3 packs (500 grams each) of the precious rice aged 7 years.

This special food dates back to the time of great Chinese rulers and an ancient tradition brought back to light by the Rondolino family two thousand years later. The deep knowledge of rice comes from practical experience under Emperor rule, when men would gather three years of harvest because the Emperor could not possibly be left without, discovering that the properties of the rice improved with age.

Piero Rondolino went one step further and found that rice is at its best after 7 years. This is how long the "Emperor's rice" spends on Colombara, the Seventeenth Century holding in Piedmont, Italy, to make it firmer and fully imbued with scent and flavor.  
Acquerello 7 Years is an excellence in cooking, recognized by top restaurants and demanding and refined palates everywhere.  

The Cause

History Life Onlus was born out of a group of young volunteers’ passion for history and culture.
Our belief is that knowledge is the heritage of us all and that every one of us should know his/her own past in order to become a better version of himself/herself.
At the center of our activities are the protection, promotion and enhancement of culture and art in all of their forms and expressions. To this end, one of our main goals for 2017 is to create a fund for scholarships for deserving but economically disadvantaged students.
We believe that knowledge is a right of everyone: every citizen of the world should have the possibility to access it, independently from his/her economic situation, because only instruction makes men truly free.

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