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The Prize

Amarone Villa Arvedi 750 ml 2012 and Amarone Classico 750 ml 2010.

Bertani Amarone Villa Arvedi was born in the hills of Valpantena, the only name "cru" wines of Valpolicella. The historic dedication of Bertani production of Amarone is renewed in the Villa Arvedi, offering a modern and balanced Amarone, always authentic. New brewing technology and traditional drying methods allow this wine to find balance and elegance in the exuberant notes of fruit.

Bertani Amarone Villa Arvedi is a rich wine with blackberry taste, hints of mint, sweet cherry and spicy notes of this valley. The aging in oak barrels of medium and small size allows to Bertani Amarone Villa Arvedi a maturing in more immediate balance direction. 

Pairings: Red meat, game and aged cheeses, meats, cold cuts.

Alcohol: 14% vol.

Amarone Classico Bertani is a timeless wine that expresses the unique style that Bertani has always dedicatedly pursued. Amarone is made from Corvina and Rondinella grapes grown in the Tenuta Novare hills, in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica area, in vineyards devoted entirely to producing drying grapes.

Bertani has been making Amarone Classico Bertani since 1958, it is the perfect harmony between time, nature and man. The grapes are set aside to dry on the "aréle" (racks made from bamboo canes). Fermentation in concrete and ageing in large barrels for at least six years give it a stable structure, making it one of the longest-lived red wines in the world.

Pairings: Can be drunk with red meat, game, mature cheeses, but it is also perfect as a meditation wine at the end of a meal.

Alcohol: 15% vol.

The Cause

The Corporation has been working since 2008 in favor of the child population in a situation of vulnerability and high social risk within the Comuna 13 of Medellin, doing prevention work and re-socialization through sport to guarantee a good physical, mental, social and spiritual training that allows the children a good formation of personality, character and values, so as to distance them from armed groups, from drugs and prostitution.

We have with us about 150 children and young people who train from Monday to Saturday at different times.

Social objective:

- generate thanks to sport a social and football impact in Comuna 13
- create positive behavior in children and young people
- to promote union and good coexistence in our children and young people with their families and community companions
- ensuring good learning and behavior

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