Motodress SKY Racing Team VR46 Special Edition, Andrea Migno #16

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Win the full motorcycle fairing of the KTM pilot Andrea Migno #16 of the SKY Racing Team VR46. The fairing has been assembled on a stand, made just for this specific object.
This special edition fairing has been made by the writer Laurina Paperina and used during the Gran Premio di San Marino 2016 at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli.
“FASTER THAN LIGHT”: It's the name of the work that on Sunday the 11th of September in Misano has dressed the livery of the Sky Racing Team VR46. 
The Sky Racing Team VR46 keeps investing on Italian talents, linking sport to art, with the collaboration of SKY Arte HD. The first big news comes with the GP of Misano where the 11th of September a young talented team has joined the 13th race of Moto3: a jury of 7 experts - including Valentino Rossi, Guido Meda and Matteo Maffucci - selected among 5 Italian street artists, the one to which to appoint the task to redesign the suit and helment of Andrea Migno, Nicolò Bulega and Lorenzo Dalla Porta. The winner was Laurina Paperina and his art work, dynamic and with a big visual impact called "Faster Than Light". 
The new livery of the Sky Racing Team VR46 was shown on preview in Rimini during the official event dedicated to street art:"Vieni oltre nella Rider’s Land", presented by Zoran Filicic and organised by Dorna Sports in collaboration with the promoters of the GP and the Mayor of Rimini.        
The theme of the new graphics is speed. "Observing the racers - says Laurina Paperina - I decided straight away that the title was going to be Faster than light. To make the skretch, I started from the concept of speed, which is something that I have in common with the other talents of the Sky Racing Team VR46: they are fast on the circuit and I was the same in making this work. The art of speed is a result which requires time and dedication. To pursue it, we must nurture our talent, and this is valid for everyone, both young riders that want to become champions and for an artist like me that likes playing with irony".

This auction has been promoted by Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli to support people struck by the eartquake in Central Italy. The proceeds will be donated to the Protezione Civile.

This initiative is part of the programme KiSS Misano-Keep it Shiny and Sustainable for the promotion of social and environmental sustainability of the moto races. 

Conditions: The winner will be notified via email. Doubts? Write to or call us at +39 02 4003 1010.

Live a Dream, Make a Change 


Fondazione Misano

Asta di beneficenza con in palio oggetti unici e cimeli sportivi donati durante il week end del Gran Premio TIM San Marino e Riviera di Rimini 2016 da Team e da piloti di Moto3, Moto2 e MotoGP. In palio anche opere di street art autografate. L'asta è promossa da Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli a favore delle popolazioni colpite dal terremoto nel Centro Italia, con il ricavato che verrà versato sul conto corrente appositamente aperto dalla Regione Emilia-Romagna e intestato alla Protezione Civile regionale. L’iniziativa fa parte del programma...