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Design by Giuseppe Manzoni, in grey leather and solid walnut.


The Cause

Consistent with the vision of its founder, M. Crist Fleming, TASIS is committed to transmitting the legacy of Western civilization and the cultures of the world: the creations, results, traditions and ideals of the past that offer a purpose in the present and a hope for the future.

The mission of the TASIS Foundation Board is to assist and promote the education of American and foreign students in the United States and Europe by providing equipment, books, supplies and funds for educational activities, faculty development and facility improvements. The Board established from the outset that, as a strategic objective, it would not allow any TASIS School to become dependent on fundraising to support operational budgets. While it is common in most American independent schools, using an "Annual Fund" to bridge the gap between tuition revenue and operating expenses can create pressure that TASIS chooses to avoid.

This Silent Auction will support the fundraising campaign dedicated to future generations of elementary school children.

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