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The Prize

Showcase your favorite jersey in this hand carved throne, made by skilled artisans, and a one of a kind piece of design furniture.

This throne unties design and style with the love of sport. It’s made from refined materials by skilled Italian artisans. The wooden structure stands out due to the hand carved details that are finished in gold, silver white or black leaf. The padding is in polyurethane and provides comfort to the seat and the seatback.

Size: 65x45x110

The Cause

Play for Change is dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world by using the power of sports to build life skills and help communities. The charity raises money to support sports programmes for children that help improve health, education, employment and inequality outcomes.

Every programme aims to address the needs of the local people by working hand-in-hand with communities, whilst working closely with global partners and federations to ensure that the programmes are expertly designed and of a high quality.

Play for Change combines sports and educational activities so children can play, learn and develop: They rebuild playgrounds so children can play in safe and stimulating environments away from harm; they provide workshops so children learn the life skills they need for happy, healthy futures; and they support educational and employment opportunities to help create communities that are empowered to develop and thrive.

Together, with Play for Change, you can help to create a world where all children are equipped with the vital life skills that they need for their future.

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