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The Prize

"Robot Life or Social Life" by Marilù Lo Giudice.

Photograph 29x20 cm (framed 42x32 cm) 

"Learning is not an obligation but a privilege.

How do we approach each other, how do we breathe, how do we move forward day by day?

Pros and cons to flowing in Tech Life, everyone faces them: let's remember to listen. "

Marilù Lo Giudice was born in Sicily and has cultivated a passion for traveling around the world.

She has lived in Belgium, Spain, Dublin, where she currently resides.

As a street photographer she captures the unique and unrepeatable moments of life as it flows.

And with every shot a story is written.

Her motto is “Don't stop sharing your life experiences with others, we are all connected, doesn't matter where we are”..


The Cause

Luca can't talk.

When he tries and he fails, Luca isolates himself. In his inaccessible world, he bites his arm or he runs away. Even if he can't talk, he has so much to say. 

Centro Benedetta D’Intino Onlus helps kids with communication disabilities like Luca. Kids who can't talk, but who can start communicating with augmentative and alternative communication. Their life can finally change. They can make choises, talk about themselves, share their emotions and feel like they are part of the world they live in.

Centro Benedetta D'Intino Onlus was the first center in Italy to host a school where augmentative and alternative communications are taught. Each year they provide 3500 psychological support interventions to kids, teens and parents, and over 1800 augmentative and alternative communication course, held by professionals with long and significative experience in treating people with disabilities. 

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