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The Prize

"Milano in Blu" di Danilo Galletti.

Fotografia 45x30 cm

Danilo Galletti è nato nel 1986 a Milano dove vive e lavora come progettista meccanico.

Milano è il luogo in cui riesce a dare libero sfogo al suo hobby preferito, la fotografia. E lì che prende vita la sua vena artistica. Le sue migliori fotografie sono, come Milano in blu, scattate di notte, quando Milano dà il meglio di sè, con le sue luci, che danno risalto ai suoi palazzi e la rendono inconfondibile.









The Cause

Luca can't talk.

When he tries and he fails, Luca isolates himself. In his inaccessible world, he bites his arm or he runs away. Even if he can't talk, he has so much to say. 

Centro Benedetta D’Intino Onlus helps kids with communication disabilities like Luca. Kids who can't talk, but who can start communicating with augmentative and alternative communication. Their life can finally change. They can make choises, talk about themselves, share their emotions and feel like they are part of the world they live in.

Centro Benedetta D'Intino Onlus was the first center in Italy to host a school where augmentative and alternative communications are taught. Each year they provide 3500 psychological support interventions to kids, teens and parents, and over 1800 augmentative and alternative communication course, held by professionals with long and significative experience in treating people with disabilities. 

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