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During the 2.5 hour session your communication style will be reviewed, revealing strengths while uncovering techniques to overcome challenges. 

Feedback will be based on physical aspects of delivery, such as pace, posture, impact, as well as authenticity.

The session will then focus on a communication scenario of your choice, such as a pitch, presentation, speech or personal/company narrative. 

The coaching will ensure both content and delivery is compelling, having explored what makes messages truly land. 

This is a highly practical session brings invaluable insight.



Valid until May 2019. Central London only. Date to be booked in advance.

The Cause

CAIRN is a UK registered charity, founded in 2007 and dedicated to ensuring children in the hill villages of rural Nepal, have the opportunity to access an education.

Over the last 10 years, the Trust has focused its efforts on four core areas of activity: CAIRN Schools; CAIRN Libraries; CAIRN Educational Awards and CAIRN Early Years.

Our vision: Every child deserves an enriching education.

CAIRN’s journey began with building schools. CAIRN has constructed 22 school buildings, but in recent years its focus has centred on ensuring the most disadvantaged children are able to attend school and that in the classroom they receive an effective and enjoyable education.

All funds raised will be dedicated to CAIRN’s educational programmes. Thank you for your support.

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