Walking with the Wounded

Walking With The Wounded provides a pathway for "at-risk" veterans to integrate back into society and sustain their independence. At the heart of this journey is employment.

Our objective is to support physically, mentally or "socially" injured veterans in overcoming the hindrances preventing them from integrating back into society, leading independent lives and holding down a fulfilling job that makes the most of the unique skills gained through first-class military training. Our programmes give them access to mental health therapy, support them in their journey out of homelessness, work with those at the point of entering the criminal justice system and guide marginalised veterans into education, training and employment.

We have achieved much in recent years, however with success comes ambition and responsibility—ambition to support more "at-risk" veterans in society by expanding employment opportunities and a responsibility to deliver the most successful and sustainable outcome achievable for each and every veteran we support.