The VIVIAUTISMO ONLUS ASSOCIATION was created in 2008 by parents whose children are autistic, with the goal of making a Specialized Multisystem Center for the cure of Autism in Veneto, in other words, a center for excellence for the cure of autism that guarantees therapy and effienct interventions for the families at an accessible cost. It is a project that consists of 3 macro objectives:

 - Increase independence;

- entering the workforce;

-  the “after us”.

 Viviautismo has become a point of reference on the Venetian territory for the families of the children, adolescents and adults with autism, providing a constant support to help with all aspects relating to daily life. In addition, the other fundamental aspect for the Association in the support given for the education and work preparation of young professionals specialized in the treatment of autistic disturbances, and to develop the knowledge on coping with autism and the reality that the families have to encounter daily.

Between the projects and the activities promoted from Viviautism we:

 -Training courses from basic to advanced on all autistic disturbances

-Trainees and volunteers: the professionals of the future

- Project Family 360° - Parents space;

- Therapies – For the smaller children

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